10 Tips to Keep You Safe in a Terrorist Attack

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Unlike a declared war, terrorist attacks come out of the blue. One minute you’re on your way to work and the next minute gunshots are everywhere and the person next to you is bleeding. They’re meant to do exactly as the name implies, terrorize the people in the area and make them too scared to do anything. They aren’t personal and have no justification for the people being killed. The victims are people whose only mistake was being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Having a plan ahead of time will help you get out alive and stay safe during a terrorist attack.

1 Always wear comfortable shoes.

You can carry your high heels and dress shoes with you on the subway, in the car or when walking to work and change when you get there, but you need to have shoes you can run in that are useful for walking a distance.

2 Learn to be aware of your surroundings.

If you’re one of those people that gets engrossed in music, never noticing the people around them, it’s time to make a change. Be on the lookout for anyone acting out of the ordinary, particularly in crowded areas.

3 Carry a door wedge or have one at work.

If there’s an assailant in the building, a door wedge will prevent them from entering your office or give authorities time to react before they can. It’s simple and easier than stacking desks and chairs against the door, which should be done, too.

4 Have a light app on your cell phone.

A fire or bomb eliminates the lighting and creates dark hallways that are difficult to maneuver. Adding a flashlight app to your phone will provide the light to help you escape the area quickly and safely.

5 Have a whistle and don’t be afraid to blow it.

You need a loud, shrill whistle that will catch the attention of those around you in the event you’re being abducted. It should be connected to the strap of your shoulder bag so you just should bend your head to blow it, since your arms will probably be confined.

6 Look for the person that doesn’t fit into the group.

If it’s hot out and someone has a heavy jacket that seems to be bulging more than it should, they could be carrying a concealed bomb and about to attack. It’s especially obvious if there’s a look of fear.

7 Report suspicions immediately.

Grab a local authority and tell them what you saw. Sure, he may just be an odd dresser who is extremely hot, but you could be right and there’s about to be an attack. If you’re on a subway, get off and take the next train to your destination. It’s better to be late than never arrive at all.

8 Have the number for the terrorist hotline in your phone and be ready to use it.

Just like notifying a local authority when you see something suspicious, you may feel odd. Let the people on the other end make the decision whether it’s important or nothing. They’re the experts.

9 Always look for exit points in a new, unfamiliar area.

Not only should you look for them, but if something looks suspicious, gravitate toward the exit.

10 Plan ahead.

While you may not want to scare children, planning doesn’t have to do that. Just make plans in the event you’re separated and what to do in an emergency. Make your children aware that taking cover and staying low could save their life if they hear gunshots.

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Tips to Keep You Safe in a Terrorist Attack


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