15 Self-Defense Tips You Need to Know

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15 self defense tips you need to know. Make sure you know some ways to defend yourselfKnowing how to protect yourself, whether in a survival situation or on the streets today, can save your life and prevent you from becoming just another victim. Here are 15 tips to provide self-defense for a wide variety of situations from direct physical attack to assault on your home and property.

1 Go for the sensitive areas.

The groin, eyes, throat, nose, knees and shins are more sensitive and easier to injure.

2 Remember “Miss Congeniality” and S.I.N.G.

One of the scenes where Sandra Bullock shined was her self-defense session for talent. She used the acronym SING to help the audience remember, elbow to the Solar plexus, stomp on the Instep, heel of the hand to the Nose and knee to the Groin.

3 Be aware of your surroundings.

While it may seem macho to have a great set of skills for fighting, whether you’re a man or a woman, it’s better to know how to avoid danger. Getting good surveillance skills is akin to having good survival skills.

4 Don’t stick around to fight, hit and run.

If you’re free, run like the wind. If your assailant grabs you, use a self-defense move and run like the wind, particularly if they’re bigger than you.

5 Don’t let in strangers.

If you’re in a SHTF situation, even if a small child that you don’t know is banging on your door, begging you to open it, don’t. They probably aren’t alone and may be the decoy to lure you to open the door.

6 Learn to trust your instincts.

This is tough, but instincts are very primal and often pick up on the hormones and scents given by an attacker. If you sense danger, it’s probably there. It could be a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach or the urge to turn and run. Learn to listen to it.

7 Get a weapon and surprise home invaders.

Rather than trying to fight a losing battle without a weapon, go to the room where it is to retrieve it, hide out and wait for them to enter, then use the element of surprise to win.

8 Give up your wallet, stash or other item to a mugger.

The key here is to have a cache and just give a small amount of what you have.

9 If you are caught in a riot, find a hiding place.

People are often caught up in the moment during a riot and don’t care who they hurt. Steer clear, lay low.

10 Know the difference between someone who wants items or money and someone with worse intentions.

If all the person wants is the material objects you have, not a problem. However, some people are out for murder and rape. Hone your instincts and fight if you sense the second, especially if they want you to go to another location. Chances are, you’ll die anyway, so fighting gives you a chance.

11 If you carry a gun, don’t hesitate to use it on an assailant.

Practice with the gun until it becomes second nature. If you’re assaulted, most likely the attacker will run if he thinks you’ll use the gun. Be prepared to use it without hesitation and it will be obvious.

12 Protect your home with Mother Nature.

Plants with thorns can be planted outside windows for protection.

13 Learn the art of camouflage and use it for protection.


14 Use clothing as weapons.

Hard knuckle gloves, plastic spikes for boot laces for steel toe boots and even a fighter’s mouth piece for intimidation can help.

15 Creating an advantage with location.

If you’re using a gun for self-protection or home protection, make sure you have the advantage by choosing the best possible location.

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