Herbal Remedies for Lower Back Pain Can Provide Relief in a SHTF Disaster

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Herbal and Other Natural Remedies for Lower Back Pain Can Provide Relief in a SHTF Disaster

herbal remedy for back painIf you suffer from lower back pain, or any back pain for that matter, you probably have a supply of pain relievers and analgesic creams in your stockpiles. But what happens if the disaster is the big one, the one that wipes out much of life as we know it? Are you prepared with ways to cope with pain when your stockpile depletes? Learning herbal remedies, you can grow yourself can make all the difference if that happens. These are also extremely low cost and can help your budget immensely.

1 Learn to make a carrier oil, cream or ointment.

If you’re going to make an analgesic rub, creating the base for the oil is important. You’ll need an oil press to start for the carrier oil and learn the skills of beekeeping for a supply of beeswax for both creams and ointments. It can be quite rewarding and can be money saving for the family and provide a source of gifts friends and family will adore.

2 Grow your own Capzasin for pain.

If you read the labels of pain cream, it will give you an idea of ways to make them. I had occasion to create Capzasin cream late one night after finding the tube was put away empty. I read the label (which is extremely valuable) and noticed the active ingredients were capsaicin (the substance that makes hot peppers hot). I mixed a teaspoon or two of the ground chili pepper powder with a bit of olive oil and for good measure threw in a ground aspirin for the benefit of the acetylsalicylic acid, which is similar to the salicylates used in Aspercreme or Bengay. After putting on rubber gloves, applied this to the aching area and like magic, it brought relief. It’s great for back pain.

3 If you don’t have aspirin available, white willow bark works like magic.

White willow bark is exactly as the name implies. It’s the bark of the white willow tree. It has anti-inflammatory flavonoids, as well as salicin that works like aspirin. You can make it into a tea, add it to a rub or take a small amount of powder for backache.

4 Nothing is better than a massage.

Back aches come from many causes, from kidney, colon and lung problems to muscle tears. Massage stimulates the flow of blood and speeds the recovery time.

5 Is it a healer or destroyer? Comfrey, the jury is out.

Comfrey, an herb now banned for sale in the US because it contains pyrrolizidine alkaloids that can cause potential liver damage. It only contains minor amounts in young leaves, but disappears as the leaves age. It’s been used as livestock feed, human food and as a medicinal herb for thousands of years with no apparent problem. I know of people that have made poultices of comfrey for back and muscle pain, as well as to speed the healing of bones due to the allantoin it contains. It is called knitbone for a reason. It’s still available in prescription drug topical applications and some creams sold in health food stores. I have comfrey in my garden for its ability to build the soil, but if the SHTF, I would readily consider it for medicinal purposes. While I provide this information, I do not recommend you start using comfrey or even grow it, unless you want rich soil. Instead, do your own research to see if it’s something you might want to add to your list of healing garden herbs.

6 There are other herbs that help back pain.

Wintergreen, birch leaf, ginger and holy basil are a few of the herbs that can help with back pain. Anti-inflammatory herbs and foods such as cherries, peppermint and cranberries also help.

7 Learn which exercises can bring lower back pain relief.

You may be amazed at how some normal aches and pains diminish if you’re in a survival situation. While some of the reason is because you simply don’t have time to think, let alone isolate the pain, much of the cause is the increased activity. Exercise actually helps back pain. Our sedentary lifestyle is often the cause of the problem.

While all the ideas on this page may be ones someone might use for long term emergency situations, they’re just for information and not medical advice. Always do your research and talk to your health care professional before taking any herbal remedies. They potentially could react to present medication or cause an allergic reaction.

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