Safety and Security Skills for Successful Survival

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Safety and Security Skills for Successful Survival

If you’ve prepared for the worst possible disaster where all of society falls apart, but haven’t developed the skills to protect your family and stash, you are less prepared than you thought. This is a no-brainer. You don’t have to hypothesize to see what will happen. We see it on the news when there are outbreaks of discontent and rioting occurs. People break into stores, homes and apartment buildings to take what they want, without any concern for the inhabitants or store owner. If fact, in some cases, even causing bodily harm. Magnify that times 1,000 and you have an idea of what will happen if all of society breaks down. Those who haven’t planned, but do have good fighting skills or are able to amass in great numbers will take from those who have supplies and food they want, but can’t defend themselves.

Learning how to protect your family means more than taking a course in the martial arts or learning to fire a gun or use a crossbow effectively, even though those are good starts. It means having a backup plan in the event an intruder made it into your home or are obviously trying to enter it. Preventing the problem long before they’re knocking down your door is most important, so you need an alert system to do that. You can create your own cell phone trip alarm as one measure. It’s one initial security measure, but if you’re looking long term, consider other low tech warning systems. These can include trip wires, door stop alarms and battery operated driveway monitors that you can use any place, whether it’s your home, at your bugout location or along the way.

If you’ve chosen a bugout home, learning how to camouflage it so it doesn’t look like a residence can help prevent many problem. Doing some slight remodeling which disguises the basement door, reinforcing it and a quick-to-assemble exterior foundation cover to hide the basement windows can provide a safe area for your family to live if you stay at home. Having a hidden underground safe room where the bulk of supplies are hidden gives you a place to stay until the intruder leaves.

Having hidden weapons, such as the legs of a wooden table that come off easily when you know the right method of removal, which you can use like nun chucks for defense adds to your home security if an intruder makes his or her way through the door. You can choose from a number of clever ways to protect your family by disguising your location, based on whether you stay put or bugout to a different location.

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