Secret Hiding Spots for Your Survival Supplies

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It’s one thing to have a stash of prep items ready for the SHTF and quite another to be able to protect that stash from others when everyone is looking for their next meal. You don’t want your hard work and effort to go unprotected or even be revealed before there’s a disaster. No matter how proud of your effort you are, don’t show it off to others.

You may trust that person implicitly, but whether impressed or not, they’re sure to tell someone else and the circle of people who know you’re a prepper will grow, leaving you the target when bellies are empty and food is scarce. Even people who you call friends that would loan you their last dollar, wouldn’t share their last crumb of bread, but would be willing to take yours.

Consider hiding some of the stash in a bed frame. If you’re handy with tools, creating a square box bedframe with sliding drawers should be no problem. Use a sliding mechanism to allow the drawers to slide open, a latch hook on the inside to keep it secure and no handle. It looks like a square box frame until you unhook the latches and then your stash glides out easily.

Store plastic buckets of supplies in the attic. If you have an unfinished attic with a less than easy access, it’s the perfect spot for some of the supplies that can tolerate heat and cold. Use tight sealing buckets to prevent pests.

You can get a couch with a hidden storage area, like this one here.

Or, if you have an old couch with a hidden bed, time to give it a facelift. With a little effort, remove the internal mechanisms and bed, replacing it with a wooden container, padded on the top, just in case a cushion comes off. Recover it with fabric of your choice and you now have a large area for canned goods and other supplies.

Books, outlets, a small container in slips drilled at the top of a door and behind outlets are all places to hide cash in the event the banking system fails. Be careful of hiding cash in medicine bottles. If someone breaks into your home, looking for drug money or drugs, it’s the first thing they’ll hit. You can also pack containers in the insulation from an unfinished basement.

Create or buy your own wall safe for medical items and money. Buy a recessed medicine cabinet, put it in the wall and replace the mirror with a framed picture. You’ll have the supplies at your fingertips without anyone suspecting where they are. Click here to check out recessed medicine cabinets.


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