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Given long enough, all living things will adapt to change, whether it’s a climate change or another type of environmental change. That includes humans. If an emergency hits, change is immediate. Our way of life and social environment will totally change. Those who are prepared will have the edge to live long enough to adjust to the change. Having an adequate stockpile can help make this a reality. Preparation doesn’t have to be done all at once. It should, however, start with the stockpiling of these ten essential items.

1 Clean Water

A minimum of a three-day supply of a gallon of water per person, per day is mandatory. You can live three weeks without food, but only three days without water. While many preppers have more than this amount, it’s a start and can keep you alive in a local emergency until help arrives. Don’t forget to include pets in your calculations. Add a water filter or method of sterilization and you’ll potentially have water even longer.

2 Non-Perishable Food

Lack of water will wipe out a person in three days, lack of food will cause demise in three weeks. Even death isn’t imminent, having canned and other non-perishable food that can be stored without refrigeration can keep energy levels high. Don’t forget a can opener if canned goods are part of the plan. Have extra pet food on hand too.

3 Cooking Method

Sterno stoves, fireplaces, wood stoves and even butane stoves can fit the bill if you need a method of heating water and cooking.

4 Heat Source or Cooling Technique

Your cook stove can also be your source of heat or you can use a space heater that doesn’t require electricity. Make sure you close off all but one room and have adequate insulation for the winter. For the summer, swamp coolers that use evaporation to cool or other technique. Consider a flower pot refrigerator to cool food for a treat.

5 First Aid Kit

You should have all the basic supplies ready and easily accessible in one location.

6 Extra Prescriptions

Having a stock of medication can mean life or death when there are no pharmacies available. Don’t forget extra formula, glasses and hearing aid batteries.

7 Blankets

If there’s no heat, blankets will keep you warm and can help insulate the house when hung on windows to prevent drafts.

8 Source of Light

Having plenty of light to get around at night, whether taking a trail to safety or just using the makeshift bathroom, adds safety.

9 Bathroom Alternative and Hygiene

If you have a functioning septic and plenty of water, your bathroom needs will be met. For those in the city with the possibility of sewage backup, you need a second method of disposing of waste. Trash bags, bleach, anti-bacterial lotion, soap and other sanitation items are important.

10 Cell Phone Charger Either Solar or Battery

With all the apps on today’s phones, it doesn’t take long to run the battery down. If you have several phones in the house, keep only one on at a time.

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