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A Holiday Gift Idea

As the holidays approach, consider adding emergency disaster preparation supplies for you and your family as a part of gift giving.  If you give gifts, exchange gifts, or want to do something new and different, make the focus of this year’s holiday gifts disaster survival preparation.

My wife came up with this idea last year, and all our adult family members were excited about the idea.  We have been talking about preparation for disaster, and every person was excited to receive items which help them prepare more quickly.  The idea was such a success that two of our adult children requested we repeat the process again this year.  Once again; everyone is onboard.  By listening to some of the discussions at family gatherings, it is clear most have already started shopping.

Why not give this idea a try with your family?  It is one way everyone can make fast strides forward in preparing for the unexpected.  Each week we will post a photo, description and link to different holiday gift items we found last year or plan to give this year.

Gift Idea #1:


Urban Survival Bug Out Bag, Choose from 2 or 4 Person Emergency Disaster Kit, 72-hour, Emergency Zone Brand (4 Person)

This a great starter set, it includes many of the basics of what you would need if you ended up in a disaster for a short time.  It comes in both a 2 or 4 person set.  The 4 person set comes with 2 backpacks and there is additional room in each bag to pack some extra items not included in the kit.  The 4 person kit contains:


First Aid

  • first aid kit 118pc
  • N95 masks  x4

Weather Protection

  • reflective sleeping bag  x4
  • emergency poncho  x4
  • tube tent  x4
  • hand warmers x4

Food and Water

  • 3600 kcal food bars – made in the USA and US Coast Guard Approved   x4
  • 4.2ox water pouch  x4

Water Purification

  • 1 Folding liter water container
  • water purification powder  x5
  • water purification instruction sheet

Hygiene and Sanitation

  • toothbrushes   x4
  • toothpaste   x1
  • comb
  • razor
  • shampoo
  • soap bar
  • feminine pad  x2
  • washcloth
  • toilet paper roll  x1
  • sewing kit

Miscellaneous Tools

  • Glow sticks x4
  • 5-in-1 survival whistle  x1
  • 5 millimeter x 50ft rope  x1
  • duct tape   x1
  • pair of work gloves   x1
  • multitool knife  x1
  • playing cards  x1
  • GI can opener  x1

Emergency Preparedness Guidebook

  • 48 page emergency guidebook
  • pencil  x1
  • weatherproof zip bag

Light, Communication and Self Defense

  • Dynamo radio/flashlight  x1
  • self defense keychain   x1