Thank you for visiting PRACTICAL SURVIVAL BLOG. It is our goal to provide quality information to help every reader assess their own situation and then respond appropriately. Over the years we have found it doesn’t require a top executive’s salary to properly plan and prepare for the most likely emergency situations your family may face. We make every attempt to insure the information we provide, the products we recommend and the companies we reference are those we have personally dealt with.

The harsh reality is we all need to plan and prepare for difficult situations. However, for most it is not realistic to think they have many thousands of dollars sitting somewhere to make all of the purchases required. We will show you how we carefully planned, and then started to assemble our water, food, equipment and other supplies. It took many months of commitment to reach the point where we felt we had reached the basic level required for our family to meet FEMA recommended standards.

First we brainstormed every possible disaster situation we could list. Then we began looking at those situations one by one to determine which were most likely to occur in our area. Our final, much shorter list included both natural disasters and man-made disasters. They were the ones the information we found suggested needed to be covered.

Then we started training. Our training included attending disaster survival classes, reading books and watching videos on topics associated with disaster survival. We also joined a small number of blog-sites to gain interaction and the latest thinking on disaster survival. We still attend live training on a monthly basis.

As we gained knowledge, it became clear we needed a disaster survival plan for our family. (We will be providing a free template for our Blog Members on this site.) Then we developed a prioritized list of purchases required to sustain us as planned.

Our first goal was to provide three weeks of water, food and equipment for our family. With requirements understood, and the amount of time we planned to be totally without support, we set a budget. We were all shocked to see the thousands of dollars required to assemble everything. We knew we were talking well over a year before we could cover the 3-week plan. We decided to break the list into ‘must-have’ and ‘add-later’ items. Then as we started examining this shorter list, we started to see opportunities to purchase the required stores without spending years getting to just three weeks.

We changed our thinking. While we all agreed the plan was solid, we changed our strategy for assembling the items listed. We became super-thrifty in our approach. We started looking for sales and used items that were in good condition. If items weren’t on sale, we started looking for lower prices at the dollar store, closeout and clearance departments and stores. We also began searching for required items online.

We were able to assemble our basic three week stores in less than three months. We spend about 50% less than our original projections said would be required. While many items were left to be purchased, we met at least the minimum requirements for all of the critical items like water and food. We had the ability to cook without natural gas nor electric for the time period, and we had options for shelter should our home be unlivable.

Since that time our focus was to double food and water on-hand, and to fill in where longer term gaps existed. We have also brought our extended family and other team members together to insure all of us are working toward the same goals.

If you recognize the responsibility to properly prepare for the most likely survival challenges you and your family face, then we welcome you to Practical Survival Blog. Our goal is to provide practical information to help you develop your own plan for disaster survival. Your plan might start with the basics of being prepared to deal with a 3-day or a 5-day lights-out event due to a weather event. From there, your next step might be to grow your supplies and training to cover a full week, or possible 2-3 weeks to deal with a different longer-term event which is likely for your area.

If you are someone who just isn’t sure about the need for actual preparation at this time, but also wants to know more, we welcome you too to the Practical Survival Blog. Our goal is to eliminate all the hype about the next earth-ending event. We will not be dramatizing. Rather, we are committed to sharing everything we have learned through training and hands-on experience. In the end, you can make your own decisions about the right actions for the safety of you and your family.

Over time you can expect factual information about the different products we personally have purchased and use. We will post many videos reviewing different items. We will demonstrate how to use those items. We will also share information about some of the top suppliers we have located. Best of all, we will share information about when shopping at the dollar store, or buying second hand can be used to save big money. We know about vendor sales, and will be sure you do too. If the time is right, you can save lots of money building your own survival stores by buying on-sale or clearance right from the best suppliers.

If you have questions, please ask. If there are topics you want more information about, please let us know. The success of this blog is in providing the information you seek.