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A gray man is someone who is unremarkable. They don’t have any item of clothing, appearance or smell that distinguishes them from the rest. If they were in the room with you, you probably would remember someone was there, but not remember exactly what they looked like and descriptions would vary from blond and tall to short and brunette. They don’t look like a victim, nor do they look like a hero. They’re the person that sits next to you on the subway every day for years, but you could never pick them out in a line up.

Becoming a gray man is important for survival. If you look too prepared and ready to tackle an emergency, others will notice. They’ll know you probably have guns, food, water and other items necessary for survival. To avoid that, lose the camouflage jacket and molly bag. Anything that looks military will scream to the rest of the world that you’re prepared and have supplies. They make you stand out from the crowd, unless you’re at a military base, then you’ll blend right in with the others.

You don’t want to look lost and weak either. That just makes you look like a target that could be the source of a few extra supplies, money or even a weapon. Wandering aimlessly or walking with too much purpose normally sets you apart from the crowd. Walk at the same pace as others, keeping alert of things going on about you, but not looking as though you are. Learning to move the same speed and way the rest of the people move is tough, but can help prevent you from becoming a mark.

The way you smell is just as important. If you smell like a fry and burger in a crowd of hungry people, you’ll be noticed by many of the group. If you smell like a fresh Irish spring or feel “Zesty” clean, while the crowd hasn’t bathed in days, someone is going to remember you. Food smells, soap smells and even the scent of a flavored drink can make someone aware that you have food, supplies, and water.

Rather than moving through the crowd dressed in survival gear, use a backpack that you might find several people wearing. Don’t dress in brightly colored clothing, but choose plain unmemorable clothes, unless you’re traveling through a tropical tourist area, then that Hawaiian shirt is perfect. Becoming a gray man means you’re one of the “sheep,” neither remarkable nor an easy target. It gives you the ability to slip in and out of an area without ever being noticed.

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how to become the gray man for survival. Blending in with the crowd is important if there is every a survival situation.

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