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We are not a self-sustaining society. Instead, we have ‘evolved’ to the point where currency is exchanged for necessities and comforts. What if a natural disaster strikes where we would have to do without utilities, stores and so on?  What if the financial world collapses as experts are predicting? What if your money can’t buy anything?

Barter items would become more precious than gold. That’s what!

In preparation for such catastrophic events, it would be prudent to begin stock-piling survival and barter items. Of course, you must put family first and gather supplies necessary for survival – water, food with a long shelf life, hygiene and first-aid items, water filters, weapons, ammunition and so on.

After you have those items, you want to focus on supplies to barter with in a SHTF situation.

Here are some of the best barter items to have.

Barter Items


Salt intake is essential for our bodies to function. In long-term disaster situations, salt will preserve meat, you can gargle it for a sore throat, use it to brush your teeth, as a pain reliever for insect bites and more. With 14,000 known uses for salt, it is potentially your best barter item.

Dental Floss

Dental Floss is another multi-use barter item.

When you don’t know when or if dentists will be available, you must assume responsibility for mouth care.

Floss can also be used as a clothesline, as a makeshift fishing line, replacement for broken shoe laces and substitute for thread. While it doesn’t sound pleasant, you can use dental floss to sew up a wound.

Toilet Paper

If you’ve got some toilet paper to spare, you’ll be everybody’s best friend.

Just be mindful, toilet paper consumes a lot of real estate. If you don’t have adequate storage, toilet tissue may not be the best barter item for you to stockpile.

Water Purification Supplies

Water Purification Supplies are high-value barter items.

Pure drinking water will be at a premium. Water filters, iodine tablets and bleach will help purify water.

Along the same lines, adequate containers to hold water will be difficult to find. Think heavy duty jugs and/or canteens.

Luxury Items

Survival Barter Item - Whiskey

Luxury barter items aren’t something you would necessarily think of to stockpile in case of a SHTF situation, but people will want to escape from their problems.  These luxury items allow them to forget about the turmoil for a minute.

Alcohol and cigarettes are smokin’ barter items.  Some barterers will give you their last can of tuna fish in exchange for a small bottle of whiskey.


Seeds are a great stockpile items. They take up minimal space.

If you are a gardener, harvest your own seeds for bartering, otherwise check out some seed packages.

Seeds from one cantaloupe can produce enough melons to feed the entire neighborhood.


Services may be your best barter asset during troubled times.

There are many different services you might be able to provide that you haven’t thought of before.  If you can garden, bake, build things, fix broken things, hunt, fish, cut hair, sew, etc. you’ll attract a steady stream of people willing to barter.

What are your favorite items to stockpile incase you need to barter?

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