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In a disaster, it won’t be professional thieves trying to enter your home, but the nice little soccer mom down the street or the business man that bragged about all his stocks, but didn’t have a stock of food in the house. Taking a few extra precautions won’t stop everyone, but it will make your home less attractive and more difficult to reach, which will deter most people and have them looking for an easier target.

A simple battery-operated motion detector light or trip wire air horn creates enough of a stir to keep potential invaders at a distance. You don’t always need to hurt the other person to deter them from invading the home. Most will run when they realize there’s no easy pickings at your place.

Create a trip wire deterrent. Whether you attach the trip wire to an already created product, such as the Sound Grenades, or create your own with a firecracker, duct tape, wooden matches, trip wire and plastic tie, it’s a diversion that will protect the home with noise. The firecracker trip wire costs pennies to make and has a sound that most closely resembles a gun, which makes it a great option to use several in your yard. It uses no batteries, either.

If you feel you need to take your protection to the next level, booby traps that injure are the next option. Logs that swing from ropes set in motion with a trip wire and rocks that fall from trees with the help of a trip wire are also deterrents. Tie spikes around the rocks and you have a truly lethal deterrent that will make an invader reconsider your property and go next door where the pickings are easier,

Razor wire is a good option for a booby trap. Create horses (two X’s of wood connected together with boards) and wind razor wire around them to be hidden at the base of a fence, behind bushes under windows or any access point to your property. You can also string barbed wire throughout the bushes and trees on the perimeter of your property. Having it on hand in storage will prove valuable when the time comes to use it.

Dig pits and bury boards with nails to trap invaders or injure them. Pits hidden with tarp or screen and covered with leaves can injure a potential invader, particularly if they have spikes. Boards with nails facing upward can cause injury to prevent an invader from coming in further. There are many different types of booby traps you can use, depending on the access to your property and potential danger. However, if a gang of hungry people ban together to take your home by force, it will only slow not stop them. Make sure you have an alternate plan if someone gets into the interior.

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