Importance of HAM Radio

HAM radios have been use for over a century to communicate with others at a distance. They're one of the dinosaurs of communication, but could come in very handy during a major catastrophe.  During recent events like Hurricane Katrina or Hurricane Sandy, many of the cell towers were down, making communication almost impossible.  Land lines [...]

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How to Choose the Best HAM Radio

Whether you're just getting started or thinking of upgrading to a more powerful HAM radio, finding the best one can be quite daunting. The type of radio you get is based on many things, but three important factors are the distance you want to transmit, portability necessary and your budget. Often the budget is the [...]

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Survival Communication if Power and Cell Lines are Out

Everyone, at some time in their life, has experienced a power outage but may think they're safe with adequate communication if they have a portable charger and cell phone. The charger allows you to stay in touch by keeping your cell phone charged is one method and for those who still have landlines which aren't [...]

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Radio Communication Choices During an Emergency

If there's a national disaster or even localized emergency, your cell phone won't be the “go-to” form of communication. In some cases, the antiquated land lines may still be working, particularly in weather-related localized disasters. Many people have wireless landlines, so investing in a backup phone that is like those used in the last century [...]

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Will Cell Phones Work if There is a Major Disaster?

We're often asked by readers whether cell phones will work if there is a major disaster and the answer is “yes and no.” Actually, there is no yes or no answer to this question. It all depends on the type of disaster that occurs. If the power is out you can't recharge the phone. If [...]

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Why is a Family Emergency Communication Plan Important?

A Family Emergency Communication Plan is a written outline of what to do in the event of an emergency. There's more than just writing out the plan and making sure every member of the family has a copy. There's also a need to practice the plan to ensure everyone knows exactly what to do when [...]

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Tips for Using Two-Way Radios After an EMP

How Will You Communicate if an EMP Occurs? EMPs are electromagnetic pulses, which can happen naturally or be man-made. EMPs that are natural can occur from a solar flare called a coronal mass ejection or CME. A nuclear weapon that is detonated up high in the atmosphere can set off an EMP. It can be [...]

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Emergency Communication Plan: How to Train Your Family

No matter how much effort you put into creating an emergency communication plan, if your family doesn't remember what to do or forgets to carry the paper you created it on, it's work that is wasted. You can help them remember by stressing how important it is, but for most kids, that can also be [...]

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Tips for Your Family Emergency Communication Plan

What Is a Family Emergency Communication Plan? While there is no easy way to handle a SHTF emergency situation, you can have a plan in place to ensure it goes smoother. A major emergency, whether local or worldwide, increases the worry and you want to make sure your family is all together with adequate supplies [...]

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