What is a Hydroponic Garden?

While most gardens use some type of soil, hydroponic gardens don't. They use water that's saturated with a nutrient solution containing all the minerals plants require. Most plants can grow in this type of system with either their roots held in the water mixture or the plant roots put in gravel, perlite or other inert [...]

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6 Best Plants to Grow in Your Survival Garden

A garden is one of the most important and economical ways of preparing for survival. There are many vegetables that are great for canning. There are also herb plants that can be grown and dried to keep on hand for seasoning and medicinal purposes. But, not all plants are good candidates for storage. Here are [...]

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Make Sure You Have these Real Food Items in Your Emergency Food Storage Supply

If you haven't already stocked some supplies or have some foods stashed away with no real rhyme or reason why you chose them, except for they were on sale and you thought they might have a long shelf life, it's time to start planning meals. Once you've chosen the appropriate number of days, planning meals [...]

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Best Places to Find Great Deals on Produce to be Canned

There's bound to be some great deals on produce during the harvest season in your area. Of course, one of the best places to find these deals is in your own garden. While it will cost you money to raise produce and it will also require time, the freshly picked fruits of your labor will [...]

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9 Tips on How to Rehydrate Food

So, you've got all your garden bounty dehydrated in your newly built off the grid dehydrator and sealed neatly into Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers, then stored in a plastic bucket. The garden is officially closed and you're out of supplies. It's now show time for those veggies, fruits and maybe meats to play a [...]

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5 Ways to Keep Meat Without Refrigeration

5 Ways to Keep Meat Without Refrigeration Whether you're living at your bugout location or bugging in during a major disaster, keeping animal protein available for your family may be a huge task. Some of these methods require preplanning and are best done when the electricity is on to create a stockpile for your family. [...]

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Where to Store All My Emergency Food Stock

Where to Store All My Emergency Food Stock Storing emergency supplies can be daunting. Even if you find the room, you have to make sure it's accessible when disaster strikes. That means you first have to identify the types of disasters that are most likely to occur in your area, then the place in your [...]

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