4 Generator Options and Their Pros and Cons When the Power Goes Out

Whether the power goes out for a short time or it's the big SHTF emergency you've been preparing diligently to combat, having an alternative power supply can save your life or at least, make life more comfortable. There are alternatives you can use, but they all have good and bad points. Solar Generator Pros of [...]

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How to Survive a Power Outage in Extreme Cold

When the winter winds blow, sometimes they take out the power. Those extreme cold temperatures can have you feeling the cold in no time if you don't take precautions immediately. Some of these are relatively simple, such as closing the curtains or blinds to retain heat and plugging the opening under the door to prevent [...]

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Alternative Power Options

With talk of an impending disaster from EMP and the knowledge of the chaos and strife that occurs due to lack of power after a natural phenomenon, finding an alternative power source is a top priority on many people's list. Not only would it be good in a natural disaster, it's a way to eliminate [...]

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What are the Risks from an EMP?

There are so many different opinions on the effect of an EMP. Some say one could cause minor damage that would disrupt communications for a day or so and others, predict an EMP could eliminate all electronics and communications, sending the US back to the stone age. Which is true? Well, to be honest, nobody [...]

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Preparing for a Long Term Power Outage

Jobs are made so much easier with the advent of the computer and power tools. It's no longer a two-day ride by horse and buggy to the nearest town and our food remains fresh inside electrically run refrigerators. Refrigerated food and improved transportation has improved the choice of foods and overall health of the public, [...]

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Causes of an EMP

EMPs weren't very threatening before technology and our dependence on the grid. That's because they can damage electrical equipment, change electrical devices to expensive paperweights and wipe out the grid. In fact, the largest recorded EMP named the Carrington Event occurred in 1859, wiping out telegraph wires and machines, almost electrocuting some operators and providing [...]

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Preparing Your Home for a Power Outage

Power outages occur frequently. In recent years, power outages have increased dramatically. A person in the Northwest loses an average of 214 minutes per year. Compared to Japan, whose citizens only lose an average of 4 minutes a year, it's huge. There are a number of reasons for the outages, but they all boil down [...]

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7 Must Have Items for a Power Outage

No matter what part of the country you live, power outages can occur. Whether it's caused by a storm, power surges or car accidents. Some areas of the country have more than others either due to more weather-related outages or older equipment. However, across the US, the rate of power outages and the number of [...]

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