20 Best Gifts for Survivalists

If you are looking for gifts for survivalists and preppers you have found the right place! I’d like to suggest you consider including emergency preparedness gifts on your holiday gift list for family and friends. This is my family’s third year of including an emergency disaster preparedness gift exchange as a part of our Christmas. [...]

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Best Barter Items to Have on Hand

We are not a self-sustaining society. Instead, we have ‘evolved’ to the point where currency is exchanged for necessities and comforts. What if a natural disaster strikes where we would have to do without utilities, stores and so on?  What if the financial world collapses as experts are predicting? What if your money can’t buy [...]

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10 Overlooked Bug Out Bag Items

When you are packing your bug out bag it's hard to know what exactly to pack and what you can leave behind.  It's also hard wondering if you forgot to pack anything. When you're bugging out, it's not like going on vacation, where you can stop at a local Walmart or drugstore to pick up [...]

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10 Most Important Emergency Supplies to Stockpile First

Given long enough, all living things will adapt to change, whether it's a climate change or another type of environmental change. That includes humans. If an emergency hits, change is immediate. Our way of life and social environment will totally change. Those who are prepared will have the edge to live long enough to adjust [...]

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Make sure to include these must have items in your bug out bag

Include Emergency Cash & Copies of Important Documents in Your Bug-Out Bag While your pertinent information may be easy to reproduce now, what if there is an emergency? Food, water and survival supplies are important, but so is documentation. You may think you are all set and even have a spare debit card in your [...]

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Top 11 Beginner Prepping Items to Purchase

The list of items needed for prepping can be overwhelming. Basically, you are starting a new life and you have to modify your mind toward the necessities. Start by making a list of your needs, not your wants, and then gradually purchase these items. 1. Containers for water. You must have clean water to survive. [...]

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What Will Survive an EMP Attack

What Will Survive an EMP Attack Even though the power grid may not survive an EMP, there are many electrical items that will. Destruction of an item comes from the damages to the circuit boards inside it. The circuitry can't handle the pulse and is particularly susceptible. The older technology will most likely survive because [...]

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Twelve Uses for Heavy Duty Black Garbage Bags

Twelve Uses for Heavy Duty Black Garbage Bags All types of garbage bags should be in your survival kit, not just the larger ones. Smaller ones have plenty of great uses, particularly those with zip locks. However, those large leaf or construction garbage bags can come in handy in an emergency and are especially good [...]

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Goats for your Backyard Farm?

Five Reasons Goats Are a Great Option for Your Backyard Farm There's more and more interest in raising your own food, primarily because of the latest rash of articles exposing the horrors of some practicing in the farming industry or a recent outbreak of salmonella or other illness from store bought foods. A great surge [...]

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Most Often Overlooked Disaster Survival Supplies

Do not Forget These Often Overlooked Disaster Survival Supplies Whether you are making a three-day bug-off bag, or planning for the apocalypse, there are always items you may forget. Creating your own stock of disaster supplies is an ongoing process. It also involves making certain you record use-by dates and rotate products out and new [...]

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