What is the Gray Man and Why it’s Important to You

Becoming a gray man is important for your survival. No matter how proud of your preparation or how much military gear you have, you don't want others to know that when you're bugging out to a location you've established with a year of food, water, and a sturdy shelter. You don't want the hungry crowd [...]

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6 Secret Hiding Spots for Your Weapons

Whether you're facing a SHTF disaster or a potential break-in, keeping your guns hidden is important. Hiding your stash of weaponry from a potential government takeover is also a real potential. Katrina presented the perfect example when National Guards and the local authorities in New Orleans confiscated well over a thousand firearms from local citizens. [...]

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10 Tips to Keep You Safe in a Terrorist Attack

Unlike a declared war, terrorist attacks come out of the blue. One minute you're on your way to work and the next minute gunshots are everywhere and the person next to you is bleeding. They're meant to do exactly as the name implies, terrorize the people in the area and make them too scared to [...]

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How to Become the Gray Man for Survival

A gray man is someone who is unremarkable. They don't have any item of clothing, appearance or smell that distinguishes them from the rest. If they were in the room with you, you probably would remember someone was there, but not remember exactly what they looked like and descriptions would vary from blond and tall [...]

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How to Increase Situational Awareness

When I was younger and in a boring situation, I used to play a little game called, “What does he/she do?” The game was simple. It was to find a “mark,” for the lack of a better word, watch their walk, movements and if possible, listen to them talk and then make a guess on [...]

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Booby Traps to Protect Your Home in a Survival Situation

In a disaster, it won't be professional thieves trying to enter your home, but the nice little soccer mom down the street or the business man that bragged about all his stocks, but didn't have a stock of food in the house. Taking a few extra precautions won't stop everyone, but it will make your [...]

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Home Emergency Kit Checklist

Before considering SHTF disasters, make your home safe from emergencies that might affect only you, such as a fire. Every second story bedroom and perhaps even the bathroom, should have an emergency escape ladder to use in the window in the event of a fire. Every family member needs to know how to use those [...]

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Eight Important Steps to Toughening Up Your House

During disaster situations most people plan to remain in their home if at all possible.  Often the emergency is one which allows exactly that.  The family can meet up in the familiar surroundings of their home and stay together.   During situations such as a windstorm where power may be out from a few hours [...]

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Safety and Security Skills for Successful Survival

Safety and Security Skills for Successful Survival If you've prepared for the worst possible disaster where all of society falls apart, but haven't developed the skills to protect your family and stash, you are less prepared than you thought. This is a no-brainer. You don't have to hypothesize to see what will happen. We see [...]

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One of the Best Alarms You Can Have

One of the Best Alarms You Can Have You may not need a perimeter alarm if you have a pet. Dogs, even small dogs, are great for protecting your property. While a large well trained guard dog is ideal, almost any animal that's territorial and protective can sound the alarm. In rural China, Xinjiang Province [...]

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