Unusual Home Security Tricks and Hacks You Don’t Know

Just like being hidden in plain sight, there are some security tips that are super easy that you can use. Because they're easy, they're often overlooked when prepping for a SHTF situation or other type of disaster. Some of these security tricks are useful even if there's no major disaster, to help prevent burglaries and [...]

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15 Self-Defense Tips You Need to Know

Knowing how to protect yourself, whether in a survival situation or on the streets today, can save your life and prevent you from becoming just another victim. Here are 15 tips to provide self-defense for a wide variety of situations from direct physical attack to assault on your home and property. 1 Go for the [...]

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10 Things Preppers Should Do to Secure Their Home

Don't wait until there is a SHTF disaster, it's time to take action now, before there's any need. You can make some modifications to your home to ensure that it's ready for a disaster to protect it both from Mother Nature and the hordes of hungry people who haven't planned as well as you. 1 [...]

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Weapons and Weapon Safety

Weapons and Weapon Safety There are some who are strongly committed to not using firearms.  There are many who are just as strongly committed to having firearms for protection and hunting. This article will not be a discussion of the pros and cons associated with either belief.  Rather, it is focused on maintaining safety of [...]

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