Bugging In Tips for Safety

Staying safe when bugging in means staying healthy, comfortable and eliminating, or at least reducing the potential for intruders. You don't want to spend months planning, storing food, water and other supplies, only to have a careless move be the cause of a major problem. Here are a few tips that will help you bug [...]

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Tips to Keep You Safe when Bugging Out

Bugging out requires quite a bit of planning. You need a place to bug out to and alternative routes to get there in the event roads are closed or there are angry mobs in the way. You need adequate supplies, but you also need to be able to carry those supplies if you have to [...]

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A Disaster Preparedness Plan is Continually Changing

One thing about life is that it's always changing and your disaster preparation should be changing with it. A plan you created six years ago won't be the same as one you created yesterday. Your children will be older or you may now have children that you didn't six years ago. You may be taking [...]

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How to Decide Which Disaster to Prepare for?

There are many different types of disasters, some more imminent and possible than other. While a hurricane is a very real disaster that occurs frequently, it's not a threat if you're in the Midwest. A snow blizzard that wipes all utilities there and freezing weather is a huge Midwest threat, but not as big of [...]

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Getting Ready for a Disaster

Just like Santa Clause, when preparing for a disaster, make a list and check it twice. In fact, check it more frequently than that. You should review your food stash at least once a month and rotate out canned goods and food that's within the two-month expiration date, replacing that food with a fresh supply. [...]

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Special Prepping Plans for Dogs and Cats

Kit Kat and Fido are family members too, and they need special consideration, particularly in a disaster. Just like planning for family food, you need to plan for your pet's food supply too. If you have several pets, stocking up on food is even more important. Having several extra bags of cat food, or at [...]

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What Do I Need to Plan for in a Disaster?

While it may sound quite negative, planning for the worst possible scenario is important. During the planning phase, optimism is not an asset, but can cause you to be ill prepared for a real disaster. Of course, once the disaster happens, that's when taking a more optimistic look at the situation can help you keep [...]

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Free Gift for You

FREE GIFT FOR YOU! During the past year, we have written about the steps to preparing for an emergency.  It all starts with a first step of developing your own Emergency Preparedness Plan.  Yet many have asked what to include.  We now offer a free Emergency Preparedness Plan Template on our blog at:  https://practicalsurvivalblog.com/join-practical-survival-blog   [...]

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