Unrecognized Threats Associated with Poor Hygiene and Sanitation

In normal circumstances, food waste is put in the garbage disposal or bagged and taken by the city. Human waste is eliminated by just one flush. In times of or following a disaster, those options often don't exist. In fact, problems with sanitation are often a major cause of illness and death. The close conditions [...]

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What is an EMP?

An EMP is the acronym for Electromagnetic Pulse. They're also known as transient electromagnetic disturbances. It occurs when there's electromagnetic energy that comes in a short burst. These types of events can occur through natural means---lightening, a solar flare or CME (coronal mass ejection)--- or can be manmade---a nuclear blast or solar weapon. The occurrence [...]

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7 Tips for Dehydrating Vegetables

7 Tips for Dehydrating Vegetables Whether you're dehydrating vegetables to save storage space and money, have a lightweight source of food when hiking or bugging out or simply like the idea that dehydrated vegetables retain 95 percent or more of their nutrients, knowing a few of these tips can make the process easier and the [...]

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How to Choose the Correct Water Filter for your BOB

When you're bugging out, you want to keep the load as light as possible. Carrying all the water you'll need for the journey, particularly if your travel is longer than three days, may be not only difficult, but almost impossible. Water weighs 8.34 pounds per gallon, so if you plan for just one gallon per [...]

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Include Your Children in the Disaster Preparedness Planning Process

Include Your Children in the Disaster Preparedness Planning Process One way to insure your children will be safe during a disaster is to include them in the creation of your preparedness plan. No matter what the age of the child, having a job for them to do in the process and one to do if [...]

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What Won’t Survive an EMP Attack

What Won't Survive an EMP Attack An EMP attack or naturally occurring EMP can wipe out the world we know today and set it back centuries. An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse. It's strong and far more powerful than most power surges, so even a surge protector and everything connected to it will be fried. [...]

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The One Food Item to Include in Your Food Supply

The One Food Item to Include in Your Survival Food Supply Whether you are packing a bug-out bag or creating a survival food supply, there are certain foods which are better to have available than others. Honey is one of those foods. Not only is honey laden with nutrients, but it also an excellent source [...]

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