How to Find Water in the Wild

There's water everywhere if you know how to tap into it. Water is vital to survival, but contaminated water can be almost as dangerous as dehydration. Knowing how to collect water if you have no purification system or even source of water---whether it's clean or dirty---can save your life in the wilderness. Here are a [...]

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5 Ways to Collect Water after SHTF

Many of the same techniques can be used to collect water when the SHTF as you'd use in wilderness survival. However, there are also many more permanent methods that provide a larger source of water for everyday uses, such as cleaning and personal hygiene. We'll look at both ways to provide both immediate and long [...]

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Should Water for Pets for Filtered when Bugging Out?

Pets become a liability during a major disaster. Don't get me wrong, I love my furry friends, but have cats, who refuse to be walked on a leash. In our case, as with many cat owner's cases, you don't take the cat for a walk, but rather a drag, making escape on foot in [...]

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What is Gray Water and How Can I Use it During Survival?

Using gray water is similar to buying good used clothing. You want the gently used type. By gently used, it's the water that was used for showering or bathing, washing clothing or doing dishes---not the water from the toilet. It may have a bit of debris, such as hair, dirt, grease and some household cleaner, [...]

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5 Ways to Hide Your Water Storage

You may be the most caring and sharing person in the world, but if a SHTF Apocalypse occurs, you'll have to lose those sharing ways and focus on surviving and helping loved ones survive. That means using supplies wisely and protecting them from others. While all your supplies are important, water is at the top [...]

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Emergency Preparedness Water Basics

Of all the preparation for emergencies, having an adequate source of water should be at the top of the list. Survival seems to be a rule of threes. If you're in a severely cold, snowy environment, it takes three hours before you perish from the elements. Without food, you'll die within three weeks. Lack of [...]

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Determining How Much Water to Store

Recommendations for how much water to store are usually for short term emergencies. In situations where there's no water source for three days, governmental agencies recommend a gallon a day per person for three days. That means each person will have two quarts of water for drinking and two quarts for washing, sanitation and food [...]

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Emergency Water Requires the Right Storage and Cleanliness

Emergency Water Requires the Right Storage and Cleanliness For those who think a few bottles of water stored in the refrigerator or several large packs of water kept on the basement shelf will help you in a SHTF situation, you are underestimating the gravity of the situation and may be putting your health in jeopardy [...]

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