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Becoming a gray man is important for your survival. No matter how proud of your preparation or how much military gear you have, you don’t want others to know that when you’re bugging out to a location you’ve established with a year of food, water, and a sturdy shelter. You don’t want the hungry crowd to suspect you might have something for them to eat in your bivy bag or if there’s martial law, let the military know you might be carrying weapons. What you wear, how you walk, how you smell and even the way you visually scan the area tells a lot about you and can set you apart from the group.

Blending in during a SHTF emergency is of utmost importance. It’s not the norm in daily life, so it takes some practice, particularly for those who are used to being the center of attention. If you’re female and people notice your beautiful long blond hair, put it in a bun under a ball cap that goes with the jeans and t-shirt you’re wearing. If you’re a man with piercing blue eyes, get sunglasses (but only if it’s a sunny day, otherwise, it will draw attention to you).

You can’t do much about being excessively tall or extremely short, but you can make yourself far less visible by dressing like the masses. Don’t wear bright colors unless bright colors are what everyone else is wearing, such as in a tropical area. If a SHTF emergency hits while you are in a suit, but you must go through the suburbs or some less than stellar neighborhoods to get home, make sure you have jeans, tennis shoes and a t-shirt to change into so you go unnoticed in areas where the business suit would stand out and scream easy target to the world.

How you smell is often overlooked when trying to blend in with the group. You simply shouldn’t have a smell. If you smell of food and someone hasn’t eaten for a week, trust me, they’ll notice. If you smell clean in a sea of body odor or have a shampoo or soap scent, someone will remember and follow you. Anything that sets you apart from the crowd and brings attention to you could cost you your stash, your gun or even your life. It’s the extremes that make you memorable. If you look too prepared or too weak and lost, you’re jeopardizing the safety of yourself and your family. Gray men survive and slip in and out of a group without anyone noticing.

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What is the gray man concept for survival. Knowing what the gray man concept is and how to implement may be what keeps you alive during a disaster. #grayman

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