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No matter what part of the country you live, power outages can occur.

Whether it’s caused by a storm, power surges or car accidents. Some areas of the country have more than others either due to more weather-related outages or older equipment.

However, across the US, the rate of power outages and the number of people they affect are growing each year. It’s become an important issue you need to prepare for to ensure your family is comfortable and safe when it occurs.

Here are a few of the must have items for a power outage.

A good surge protector


Don’t be fooled into thinking your power strip is a surge protector. While it might provide peace of mind, it won’t protect your electronic devices.

Read carefully before you buy or you might end up with lots of expensive paperweights.

Check out this surge protector to see if it might work for you: go here.

Battery operated light source

Candles can cause fires and aren’t as handy as a flashlight is to use.

You can’t light a path very far in front of you with a candle. Keep a battery-operated lantern on hand to light rooms.

A crank radio

That’s right, crank radios often have a USB port. While it won’t run the lights or refrigerator, it will charge your cell phone. Go here to see the one that I have for emergencies.

Emergency power sources

a) Generators have made their way to the top of the list for most people, but they require lots of maintenance to ensure they start, can’t be run inside the house and require gasoline. They’re also very loud.

This is the newer model to the generator we have. We’ve had ours about 3 years and it was used daily for hours at a time for a year and a half of that. It is still going strong. We bought it to use while living in our RV, but kept it after we moved into a house because we liked it so much. We kept it for emergency uses and sometimes we take it camping with us. I’ve also used it to charge a dead car battery.

b) A power pack that you leave plugged in and ready in the event it’s needed is another alternative. They often have outlets for plugs and are totally quiet. They aren’t a long-term answer for power outages, but quite nice when the electric goes out for a day.

c) Complete solar power is another alternative. The price of roof solar panel installation can get pretty pricy and there are other problems if you are connected to the grid as a backup system. Your power will go out unless you have a solar battery backup system. That costs far more than the ones that work in conjunction with electricity. The battery backup and your solar panels must be able to meet your power demands 100% of the time in order to maintain

d) Stand-alone solar, wind and water generated sources of power are available.

5 Tools

Wrenches may be necessary to turn off gas or water supplies in the event of an outage. Keep them in a handy location.

6 Heavy insulated blanket for freezer or refrigerator.

A heavy blanket you can put over the freezer/refrigerator helps keep the cold air in and is particularly important in the summer. Keep plenty of bags of ice in the freezer too. The fuller your freezer, the longer it stays cold.

7 Basic emergency supplies

You should have water, food, first aid kit and other items you’d assemble for any type of emergency readily available. Don’t forget to include some method of heating food and water, whether it’s a camp stove or homemade cotton ball stove, you’ll be glad it’s, first aid kit and other items you’d assemble for any type of emergency readily available.

Did we miss anything?  What other must have items for a power outage do you have?


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