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Whether you’re facing a SHTF disaster or a potential break-in, keeping your guns hidden is important. Hiding your stash of weaponry from a potential government takeover is also a real potential. Katrina presented the perfect example when National Guards and the local authorities in New Orleans confiscated well over a thousand firearms from local citizens. Keeping your arms hidden becomes extremely important when you consider all the risks.

Before you start looking for the perfect hiding place, remember that diversifying is important. Just as you might have heard or seen in the past, “Don’t carry all your eggs in one basket.” You don’t necessarily want to store all your weapons in one hiding place, because if it’s discovered, you’ll be left defenseless.

1 – Get a Couch Arsenal.

There are many different types of furniture created to hide guns. The Couch-Bunker and Bed-Bunker are two of those. They have a hidden safe that’s fireproof, too. In the event of a fire from invaders or rioters, you could go back when things cool down and retrieve your weapons.

2 – Hide it in a Closet Above the Door; Not on a Shelf.

You can hide them in plain sight on a hook inside a closet in the bathroom or bedroom above the door. Some people go one step further and create a narrow soffit atop the inside doorway to hide it even further.

3 – Keep your guns in Several Locations.

Have a few storage areas that are easy to find. Surrendering one or two guns can protect the rest and keep you armed when you need it the most. Keep the bullets stored elsewhere on these easy ones, so the guns can’t be used against you by looters and invaders.

4 – Hide Guns and Ammo under the Steps and Away from View

There’s a whole lot of hiding space under the risers if you have stairs in your home. Pry off the riser, store your ammo or guns and reattach.

5  – Consider the Air Vents in Your Home as a Viable Location.

There are even safes that look like air vents that you can install easily as another option.  You can pick one up here.

6 – Use Old Electronic Equipment such as Printers or a Vintage Computer to Hide your Huns.

This one can be tricky. You want something old enough that it isn’t of any value to a thief and big enough that it’s hard to carry. Gut the device creating a storage area and fill it with supplies, ensuring they’re secured and won’t move. Add an extra weight to make it too difficult to lift. Sit it in the corner of a storage room with other “throw away” type items.


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Secret Hiding Spots for your guns and weapons. Here are some great ideas of secret hiding spots to keep your weapons safe. I like the ideas to keep them safe even if they are suppose to be "collected". #hiddenstorage


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