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Solar Generators Are the Quiet and Lower Cost Option

Solar generators are not just a quiet option; they use a renewable source of energy. A major disaster will wipe out most fuel supplies after a short time and even if you prepared with the most powerful fuel generator, you’ll end up in the same position as someone who never planned at all, plus the sound of the generator running can bring those people knocking at or knocking down your door because it screams the sound of being prepared.

The cost of a solar generator is more expensive initially, but the more you use it, the less expensive it becomes because the fuel is free. The source of power is renewable, meaning even if there is no more gasoline, you’ll still have power to run appliances, a furnace or heater and be cozy at home. (Make sure you have provisions for hiding any light at night, such as blackout curtains that keep your home pitch black from the outside, so you won’t have unwelcome visitors who see your light.)

There are other smaller versions that won’t cost you thousands of dollars. Several videos on YouTube show you how to make inexpensive portable solar generators that you can take with you when you bug out or have at your destination. They won’t run large electrical items, but they will recharge the batteries for your cell phone, computer or even power tools, which can be extremely handy if you’re going to rebuild your life at the new destination.

Solar generators have up to a 25-year life, which can be long enough to reestablish yourself and you will have far more survival knowledge, which is ultimately more valuable, or the world will be settled back to a more civilized era. The longevity of the solar generator occurs because there are no moving parts to wear out.

You can operate a solar generator inside the house without worrying about carbon monoxide fumes. It’s quiet and with it running inside, it helps protect it from people who want a source of power and will gladly help themselves to yours. The inside location protects it from foul weather and extreme conditions.

There are some negatives, such as the size of a solar generator. These aren’t nearly as portable as gasoline powered generators or alternative propane ones. The initial cost is higher, even though in the long run they’re less expensive. If you have an alternate location, installing solar power is a wise idea, keeping it off the grid. For those who want to hunker down, a solar generator makes sense for both power outages and major upheavals.

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