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What Won’t Survive an EMP Attack

what wont survive an EMPAn EMP attack or naturally occurring EMP can wipe out the world we know today and set it back centuries. An EMP is an electromagnetic pulse. It’s strong and far more powerful than most power surges, so even a surge protector and everything connected to it will be fried. It will take out power lines first, but also anything else in its path with electronics, particularly if it has an antenna. The surge of power pulse actually melts transistor junctions in the circuitry of any device using semiconductor electronics.

While people worry about an EMP attack from an unfriendly nation, either in the form of an atomic bond exploding high above the earth or an EMP machine. A second type of EMP is a solar storm, which disturbs the entire earth’s magnetic field. In a solar EMP occurring in Quebec in 1989, it took less than two minutes to shut down the entire Quebec power grid, so these are real potential threats.

Not everything is destroyed in an attack, even if it’s electronic. Some older electronics are more EMP resistant than today’s more highly technological ones which use integrated circuits. Integrated circuits are more prone to damage from EMPs than the early transistors of the 1970s.

Almost all electronics would be vulnerable to a EMP attack, except those that have been specifically created and hardened against a potential EMP. These are normally very expensive military items. Even things that you might not think of as electronic devices have embedded electronics that will leave them vulnerable. While today’s cars have electronics, they also have a metal frame that can protect them. During an attack, however, it could disrupt the engine and cause them to die, leaving the driver without power brakes and steering. That could create a massive amount of accidents and traffic jams, even though the car would start again.

Knowing some of the items that will get destroyed can help you prepare ahead. You can use Faraday cages that absorb the pulses before they can cause damage. Cordless power tools, batteries, flash drives and other computer storage devices won’t survive. All computers, including laptops will be lost to an EMP surge. Solar panels with charging stations or portable chargers will succumb to the EMP.

Any solar powered devices would be destroyed, leaving you high and dry, unless you protected them. You may have planned well for a major disaster, but if you didn’t include EMPs and a Faraday cage in your planning, any solar heaters, air conditioners, washers, cook stoves and fans should be protected.

People who depend on electrical devices to survive, such as blood sugar monitors and portable oxygen generators need to insure they have a backup protected in a Faraday cage. Since nobody knows when a strike will occur, everything that’s affected needs a backup in a safe place that absorbs the power surge, such as, the Faraday cage. The quick pulse leaves no time to protect your items, so safely storing extra ones of those more frequently used, is important.